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Younicook doesn’t just cater, it creates and takes real care of you and your guests.


Younicook stands for honest taste and quality. It’s mission is to guarantee quality if it comes to food and service for you and your guests. As a supplement for food for the souls, the body needs to be well nurtured too…


If you are hosting large groups of people (up to 150 people and more), Younicook can take care of everything. We will be creating the menu together, based on what your group needs day by day throughout their stay. Younicook will take care of your nourishment.


If the wish is Moroccan or Vietnamese or anything in between, vegetarian, vegan or meat and fish. Younicook wil amaze you with the dishes prepared.

Younicook has experience with numerous diets (gluten-free, lactose-free, tyramine-free, nickel-free, high proteine, etc.)  and always finds a solution for a healthy and wonderful meal for everyone.

The ingredients used will be pure, honest and organic and the dishes will be filled with love and passion.


Younicook is not only cooking world dishes, but also cooks worldwide. Able to travel, I will cook for your events where ever in the world they are organized. I will organize the ordering and delivery of the supplies from home, before traveling. Younicook has experience in the Netherlands, England, Sweden and US.

Feel free to contact me to have a chat about what’s possible!

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