International shamanic tribe meeting in the Netherlands

“WOW…. Dirk cooked for us for 3 days, at a conference in the Netherlands with 40 participants. The food was ON TIME, exquisite in taste and very nutritious for all of us attending. I’ve really enjoyed communicating with Dirk and organizing this conference where he fed us. He’s clear and easy to communicate with and over-delivers. Highly recommended!”

Daan Gorter – Owner Tribepreneurs

Avalon retreat in the USA

“There are so many qualities I enjoyed about Dirk, besides his artful and nourishing cooking and flexibility in accommodating very complex dietary needs. His compassion and love for humanity as well as his deep presence throughout Avalon felt as an essential component to my journey. “

Tataya Radtke from Hawaï – Participant

Avalon retreat in the Netherlands

“After experiencing Dirk for a week, it touched me deeply both the delicious and healthy food and the depth of service. I witnessed how food can be created from the heart, and delivered with clear presence and humility. Highly, recommended!”

Sean Wilkinson – Leader Circling Europe

Avalon retreat in Sweden

“Loved your delicious, nourishing food and your presence, Dirk. Thank you so much!”

A woman from Norway – Participant

Susquehannock sweat lodges

“We had the pleasure of enjoying the food that Dirk was cooking for us while we were having a 3-day intensive with sweat lodges. You should know that after a sweatlodge food is like heaven. And now it was beyond heaven! Wonderful, thank you very much for your tasty, balanced and artful cooking. Thank you as well for your flexibility in not knowing when we will come out of the sweat lodge, and then suddenly these ravenously hungry people craving for food… Absolutely great!”

Nisa Silver Star Nations – Leader Susquehannock the Netherlands

Avalon retreat in the Netherlands

“Loved your tasty and nourishing food! I did get lots of inspiration.? Thank you, Dirk!”

A woman from Norway – Participant

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