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I recently contacted a potential customer in the UK to introduce myself and my cooking for future jobs. The person I contacted (Adam Wilder) organises workshops and festivals based on a beautiful mission which I am completely drawn to:


This is want to contribute to, this goes beyond people that just like my food. I is completely alined with my own mission in life, my coaching and in my cooking, to provide ultimate freedom in connection.

Visual tasting

Besides presenting myself on my website I was made aware that visuals of my food where essential. What do I provide and what does it trigger when one looks at my dishes. I can explain that in a story, but I need to show people what I am bringing to the table. So I decided to add a visuals page to this website.

Adding this variety of pictures to the site gave me joy. Looking at the different dishes not only gave me the energy to create, but also to dig in. Also I got the realisation that a high percentage of  our joy is visual. Something can smell so good, have a heavenly taste, but if it is brown and dull, people will not dig in. This is also my experience when serving out food. A simple salad with beautiful spring colours is so much more appealing that a Baba Ganoush. Even though the last takes me almost a whole day to create properly.


For me it is clear. Not only a website needs proper presentation, but the food itself definitely. I do not know if it is because of the visuals, but I received a job offer for October!

Judge yourself, have a look here!



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